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Clinics are by Appointment Only


The first antenatal check-up is done by a GP. An appointment can be booked during routine surgery. The antenatal care is shared by consultants, midwives at PRU Hospital Farnborough (Kings College Hospital) and the GPs of the surgery. The 'walk in' midwife clinic is based at Blenheim Family and Children Centre, Blenheim Road (next to primary school), Orpington, Kent. Tel: 01689 831193.

Midwives' clinics are held on Monday and Thursday at 1.00pm.

Postnatal / Child Health and Childhood Immunisation

Thursday 1.30 - 3.30pm, run by doctors and a practice nurse.

A programme of child health surveillance is undertaken at the surgery where the doctors work in co-operation with the health visitors to provide new baby examinations, childhood vaccinations and advice. Other examinations are carried out by the health visitor when necessary.

Immunisation Table

Recommended Ages

Aged 8 weeks First diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio (DTPPOL)
Hib and pneumococcal.
Aged 12 weeks Second DTPPOL, Hib and Meningitis C.
Aged 16 weeks Third DTPPOL, Hib, Meningitis C and pneumococcal.
Aged 12 months Hib and Meningitis plus MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and pneumococcal
Aged 15 months MMR booster
Aged 3 years & 5 months Booster diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTP) plus polio booster, prior to school entry.

If you have any doubts about immunisations please speak to your doctor or the practice nurse.

All pregnant women should get the Pertussis vaccine between 28 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.

A new schedule of vaccinations is being planned by the DoH for children, adolescents and the elderly. All details will be available from the surgery - please enquire from the practice nurse of doctor. Oral Rotavirus vaccination for infants 8 weeks old, is offered to all infants.

Men C for adolescents at 19 are also offered.

MMR booster is also offered to all patients.

Shingles vaccine for 70 years and 79 years. Please speak to a doctor or nurse at the surgery.

Counsellor Attached to Derry Downs

Amarpreet Ajji

Please note: Amarpreet is only available on a Friday. Please contact reception for further details if you wish to be referred.

Other Adult Health Services

Asthma Clinic

There is no dedicated clinic for asthma. All patients who have asthma should see a doctor or nurse for their annual check at least once a year. They should also get the flu vaccination. This includes children. For more information please contact the surgery.

COPD Check Up

This clinic is run by a trained nurse and the lung functions tests (spirometry) are performed by the practice nurse. All COPD patients should have their spirometry tests performed every 15 months. They are also strongly recommended to get their flu vaccination every year during the flu season

Diabetes Check Up

The annual check is carried out by a trained nurse. Pre-booking of an appointment is essential. Opportunist examination is available during the routine surgery – please contact the surgery for an appointment. Please bring a specimen of urine for the annual check.

All patients who have diabetes are strongly recommended to get their flu vaccination every year during the flu season.

NHS Health Checks

The examination is done by the health care assistant and practice nurse. The appointment is by invitation only for eligible patients. On sight cholesterol check is also done. For more information please contact the surgery.

Zoladex Implant

This service is available to all eligible patients under the provision of shared care with hospital consultant urologist.

Minor Surgery

The surgery provides minor surgery to practice patients. It includes joint injections and removal of small cysts and other lesions. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Sexual and Reproductive Health – Coil (IUS) and Implant service

The surgery provides these services to eligible practice patients. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Click here for information about a free chlamydia home testing kit.

Travel Immunisation Clinic

The trained nurse and doctors provide the travel immunisation and advice. The surgery accepts patients from other surgeries.

Heart Disease Prevention

Practice nurses provide advice for anyone who has suffered from heart disease, who is worried about it or who has a family history of heart disease. The surgery runs an opportunistic annual check for the heart disease patient. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Well Woman Clinic and Cervical Screening

The practice nurse is trained to perform cervical screening. Other services like breast examination, menopause advice and diet advice is also available. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Includes advice on weight reduction and low cholesterol/high fibre diets, by trained nurses and doctors. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

New Patient Check

All new patients who register are seen by the health care assistant/nurses for a new patient check. This is essential for full registration with the surgery. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Phlebotomy Service

The surgery provides a phlebotomy service to all practice patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.00 and 11.00am. This service is available by appointment only.

Smoking Cessation Service

The surgery provides a dedicated smoking cessation clinic run by the health care assistant. Practice nurses and doctors also offer smoking cessation advice and support.
This service is by appointment only. For more information and appointment please contact the surgery.

Flu Immunisation and Clinic

The surgery offers flu immunisation from October to February. The main immunisation clinic is held on a Saturday in October and follow-up clinics are held in subsequent months. Dates are advertised in the News section.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Surgery has now created an secure email address for patients to send in their Blood Pressure reading via the surgery email address.

All patients who currently monitor their BP reading as part of their chronic disease management (FLO Programme) can send in their Blood Pressure reading. This will be added into their medical records.

The following details must be sent: Name, Date of Birth and mobile telephone number.

The email address is:

(Please Note: This email address is specifically for BP measurement reading only).

Telemedicine for High Blood pressure has been available since 15th December 2013

The Practice has agreed to participate in a pilot scheme called FLO Simple Telehealth, which involves patients who are:

  • Recently diagnosed with Hypertension (BP)
  • Out of Control Hypertension

Patients will be offered to join a text message service which monitors on a daily basis of their BP reading. The service involves patients registering with the FLO system and are given BP Machine on loan for a period of time (e.g. two weeks). Patients are asked to send text messages free of charge of their blood pressure reading to FLO. This in turns allows the Clinician to be able to view and track long term trends in a patient’s condition and allows the system to sends out personalised health tips based on the readings, providing patients with valuable advice to help them stay on track.

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